Adam Lee Music

Born in Oxford, England, Adam is a versatile musician, songwriter, and producer. Proficient in both keyboards and guitar, he is also an Apple Certified Logic Pro music software programmer and Apple Certified technician. In addition, he manages his own music production suite.
Adam has had an illustrious career, successfully engaging in all aspects of the music industry. He has toured, promoted chart releases on television and radio, and worked as both a band member and session musician for a wide range of diverse and eclectic artists.
Adam's first synthesizer was The Wasp, made by the Oxford company Electronic Dream Plant (EDP).

EDP Wasp

While still in school, Adam formed his first band, Dead End Street, and performed at the Oxford Playhouse at the age of 15.

Dead End Street

Oxford Playhouse

Adam's first recording session took place at Solid State Logic HQ (SSL), the esteemed Oxford-based company known globally as the top manufacturer of mixing consoles.​​​​​​​
After leaving school early to pursue his music career, Adam joined the up-and-coming local band Exit. They were featured on the "First Cut" Oxford sound compilation album under the name Animal Grace. The singer was Marcus Francis, known for his role in the TV show "Going Out".

First Cut Album


Adam was invited to join renowned Oxford musician Dicken (Mr. Big) for recording and live performances under the name Peculiar People, with Voyager drummer Johnny Marter, while spending time with Barriemore Barlow, drummer of Jethro Tull, at his Doghouse studio.
After Adam's father wrote to Sir Richard Branson about Adam's Mike Oldfield and Tangerine Dream influences, Richard organised a trip to the Manor Recording Studio in Shipton-on-Cherwell, famously known as the home of Tubular Bells. Rush was in the studio that day. Adam's grandfather happened to be Richard's Mill End next-door neighbour too. Interestingly, Adam and Richard's paths crossed again years later in Melbourne, Australia, during the opening of the Virgin Megastore.

Sir Dickie Pickles Letter

The Manor

Adam & Richard 

Feeling disillusioned with the Oxford music scene, Adam relocated to London and joined the band Private Viewing. Jon Anderson of Yes, an avid supporter due to his nephews being in the band, facilitated recording sessions at Faulkner Studios in Chalk Farm with American producer Heine Hoven. Jon Anderson also attended Private Viewing's performance at the Fulham Greyhound.
At the time, there was significant interest from the Thompson Twins' management. While hanging out with band members Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie, Adam was invited to witness their final performance at the Hammersmith Odeon.

Guest Pass

Private Viewing rehearsed at the renowned 313 Holloway Road, a studio owned by the late Mike Sellers (Peter's son), located next to the iconic home studio of the late producer and innovator Joe Meek. For Adam, 313 would become a long-term base, where he rehearsed during the day and managed the studio at night. He spent time with Sade, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Terence Trent D'Arby, who insisted Adam join his band, among others. Years later, Nasher, the guitarist from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ended up at Adam's London home studio to record with Ivory Coast artists Glay'doo.

PV 313 Holloway Road

313 Rehersals

The late Peter Stringfellow, renowned nightclub owner, supported Private Viewing by granting them performance opportunities at his venue The Hippodrome Leicester Square, previously known as Talk of the Town. They were also invited to perform at the legendary Knightsbridge Embassy Club and received VIP memberships. This popular venue was frequented by Motorhead's Lemmy, who was among the audience.​​​​​​​

The Hippodrome

The Hippodrome Performance

During this period, Adam pioneered the music software C-Lab Notator SL, which later evolved into Emagic Notator Logic, a MIDI sequencer running on an Atari 1040 STE computer in 1987, long before Apple's acquisition of Emagic in 2002.
In 2014, while working at Apple as a Genius, Adam attained certification as an Apple Certified Pro of Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro Certification 

Roland UK approached Adam to create a demonstration for their latest synthesizer workstation, the JV1000.
Adam often burned the midnight oil at the vicarage in Sevenoaks, working with renowned producer and remixer Steve Rodway, also known as Motiv8, in his studio on various recording projects. One of these projects led Adam to perform multiple times at the legendary Marquee on Wardour Street in Soho, London.​​​​​​​

The Marquee

As a friend of Sophie Corbett, daughter of the late Ronnie Corbett, Adam was invited to stay with the Corbetts while Ronnie performed in a pantomime in Newcastle. Each night, Adam joined Ronnie on stage as the stooge in a Polaroid camera skit. During his stay, Adam enjoyed the company of The Two Ronnies when the late Ronnie Barker, who attended the same Oxford school as Adam, came to visit. Additionally, the late Les Dawson, BBC producer Marcus Mortimer, and Bond girl Fiona Fullerton all dropped by for a cuppa. Adam returned to London from Newcastle with the late actress Patsy Rowlands, known for her roles in the Carry On films, who was also starring in the pantomime.

Ronnie Buttons

As a member of the Sony band Skin Games, Adam achieved a significant milestone by being one of the first musicians to tour Romania just a few months after the revolution. He performed alongside Jesus Jones and Crazyhead, with the late veteran BBC presenter Annie Nightingale CBE, in Timișoara, where the revolution began, witnessing harrowing sights and stories. In Bucharest, they were honored with a banquet at the British Embassy as guests of the British Ambassador. The tour also took them to Brașov, Transylvania, where they were welcomed at Bran Castle, reputed to be the home of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula. This historic tour was featured on BBC 2's Reportage and covered in The Times, NME, Sounds, and Melody Maker.

Promotional Sticker

Artists Pass

The Times 

Romanian Soliders


BBC 2 Reportage

Introduced by Mike McGear, Paul McCartney's brother, Skin Games performed at the "CARE Concert" charity event, which featured a multitude of illustrious artists. The event was organized and hosted by Virginia McKenna OBE and the late Bill Travers MBE at the historic Halifax Piece Hall and was broadcast on ITV.

Care Concert Poster

Artists Pass

ITV Broadcast Still

Next on the agenda for Skin Games was Portugal, where they performed at the Lisbon bullring alongside the late Guinean artist Mory Kante. They also appeared on a Portuguese television Disney show. Rehearsals for the Portugal performance took place at John Henry's in Islington, where Adam spent time with John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols. Lydon's new band, PIL, was rehearsing in the adjacent studio. Adam is also connected with Lydon's Sex Pistols bandmate, drummer Paul Cook, and "Never Mind The Bollocks" legendary producer Chris Thomas.

Lisbon Bullring Stage 

Lisbon Soundcheck

Skin Games return to the UK and provided support for Then Jerico during their Big Area UK Tour, culminating in a performance at the Hammersmith Odeon.

Artists Pass

Odeon Stage

Odeon Soundcheck

Hammersmith Odeon

Skin Games recorded a live performance at the renowned BBC Studios Maida Vale for Nicky Campbell's BBC Radio 1 show. During this period, Adam also returned to the Marquee and Fulham Greyhound for performances with Skin Games. He was credited on the Skin Games album "Blood Rush" as Adam 'P.R.' Lee for his deft live fingers.

The Marquee #1 

The Marquee #2

The Blood Rush 

Skin Games esteem producer Stephen Hague recommends Adam to Bronski Beat singer Jimmy Somerville.
Adam auditions for Jimmy Somerville, returning back to John Henrys. During this audition, he meets June Miles Kingston of Fun Boy Three, who recommends him to The Woodentops.
Adam embarks on a European tour with The Woodentops, performing in Barcelona, Paris, and London at the Empire Leicester Square. They are joined on tour by the legendary American guitarist Skip McDonald of The Sugarhill Gang.

Barcelona Stage

Plotting in Barcalona

Paris Soundcheck

Barcalona Live Zoom Zoom

Empire Performance

Adam's collaboration with the emerging band Let Loose brought him back to 313 Holloway Road, now known as Backstreet Studios, where they showcased for EMI CEO Clive Black, lyricist Don Black's son. They later moved to the famed Nomis Studios, where Let Loose's showcase for Universal led to a recording contract with Mercury Records. Their self-titled debut album and subsequent singles became chart-topping hits in the UK.

Let Loose Nomis

BPI Award Disc Album

BPI Award Disc Single

Let Loose Album

Let Loose 1993-2013

Best Of...

After their successful collaboration on the Pleasure Zone project, which reached #1 on the US HiNRG chart, Adam received an invitation from esteemed British record producer Richard Manwaring to join the British Music Producers Guild, formerly known as REPRO. This guild includes a host of legendary British record producers. As an MPG member, Adam frequently celebrated at notable locations, marking his 28th birthday at Abbey Road Studios and visiting Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Bath on another occasion.

Pleasure Zone #1

Runaway Train

REPRO Members

Adam receives a phone call from Icelandic artist Björk, who requests his expertise in helping to set up her home studio.

Postcard #1

Postcard #2

Following this, Adam recorded at the world-renowned Konk Studio in Crouch End, owned by The Kinks. He used Ray's Ovation guitar during the sessions. During this period, Adam lived in Barnes, London, where his neighbor was Mick Avory, The Kinks' drummer, with whom he spent time with. Barnes was also renowned for the legendary Olympic Studios, which Adam also frequented.

Ray's Ovation

Konk SSL Room

After producing songs for Melissa, the daughter of the late Robin Gibb, Adam receives a personal invitation to attend the British leg of the Bee Gees' "One Night Only World Tour" at Wembley Stadium. He is introduced to many of the Bee Gees immediate family and friends, including sitting next to legendary Bee Gees manager the late Robert Stigwood during the show. Australian artist Tina Arena performs as the support act. Coincidentally, months earlier Adam had flown to Melbourne, Australia, to pitch a song to Tina's management at RCM, and Tina was aware Adam would be at the concert. During a backstage conversation following her performance, Adam decides to relocate to Melbourne, Australia. When the Bee Gees come over to say hello, Robin compliments Adam on his production work with Melissa.

Guest Pass

Wembley Ticket 

Next, Adam headed to Sydney, Australia, to produce British artist Simon Sumner. Coincidentally, Simon hailed from Oxford, England, and lived next door to Sir Richard Branson. Although their paths had never crossed before, they discovered mutual Oxford music acquaintances.
Artist Jarrah performs with Adam their song "I Don't Care" at the Naked Launch, supporting Choose Cruelty Free during the media launch of Australia's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur Campaign," along side Vanessa Amorosi.
Adam joins the indigenous band The Grenadines for performances at the renowned Woodford Music Festival in Queensland.​​​​​​​
Adam is credited for his advisory role in facilitating actor Stephen Fry's appearance on the award-winning BBC iPad app "Walking With Dinosaurs: Inside Their World."

BBC iPad App

Adam's next venture, Manjari™, crafted over two years, merged spiritual and lush soundscapes drawing from Eastern and Western traditions. Despite gaining substantial interest from major record and publishing companies, it was unlawfully appropriated. The late music lawyer Laurence Gilmore and IP barrister Madeleine Heal were instrumental in holding accountable the perpetrators—an ex-band member and a prominent UK record producer linked with Adam—for copyright infringement and passing off, in a case litigated at the High Court of Justice in London.

Manjari™ EMI Showcase

Manjari™ Demos

After the court case, Adam took a hiatus from music to focus on his interest in emerging Apple technologies, including Logic Pro. He became an Apple certified technician, also known as a Genius, at the Apple Store in Chadstone Melbourne. In this role, he was involved in launching many new devices and played a key part in unveiling the newly redesigned Apple Chadstone store. Adam was also presented with a 5-year anniversary plaque from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple Chadstone Launch 

As an audio consultant specialising in Apple IT configurations and music software, Adam manages the setup of live streaming and recording systems at the newly constructed Melbourne Recital Centre.​​​​​​​
Adam successfully ensures that The Seekers, Bruce Woodley AO album "I Am Australian" is distributed across all major music streaming platforms.

I Am Australian

Adam recorded and produced the tribute song "Reluctant Leaving," penned by Bruce Woodley AO and the late Frank Howson in honour of P.F. Sloan.
Adam is recognised for restoring sound for Frank Howson's short film "A Thin Life" and had the honor of remixing Frank's esteemed album "Waste Lands."
Currently, Adam divides his time between developing emerging artists, writing and producing new material, and providing IT support at SAE University Collage, a industry-led higher education in Animation, Audio, Creative Technologies, Design, Film, Games & Music.